Friday, April 29, 2016

no ERA, prince in the wings

elegant roadkill
little dog big dog bark
sister & persistence share
more than a few letters
match starts fire
breathe it in
as hash under glass
tip the lip
open, inhale
cough gets you off
vapor cock
intentional rock, glam
rocker drop your viral load
on the wide desk top of 
perpetual inner vice principal
leave a lasting stain on the
giver of youths indefinite detention
shake it off, no, really, shake it off,
save even the sperm whales
blow the damn, plug the dyke,
fall the levy, eat the placenta -
not my barbecue pit
not my mantra
slivers of sisters
ashes of mothers burned
stake & steak sound the same
i get it just the same
shake it off
save even the sperm whales
we birthed you all
held rocked cleaned fed
you all, how's that, what's that,
oh you say, that that that
you say, you said
you told us, you feared us
you spun a web & named it
tastes just like apple
original sin
an apple a day keeps the dr away
apple pie, american pie, apple turn over
apple PC, PC people, grooms who wed 
while paying brides maids less
for the same mess, same stress
plus a kid, two, or six, 
her unique ability 
unique to you
under promoted
over under estimated
under rewarded 
shhh don't say this
(yikes don't read this)
burn when you're done
stake & steak sound the same
shake it off just the same
leave a high heeled boot print
stomp hard
shed staining glitter
stomp hard
a single boot
leave us this way
changed, changing, changeling
motivated, upon our mutual admiration 
boots not on the ground 
one single high heel
stomping on the desk
of perpetual vice principal 
shake it off, shake it off ..

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