Sunday, March 20, 2016

my knot fixer, my tried true sister,
not done done done, not ending
still friendly, still friend me, still 
combing out knots, tightening ours,
still moving, still liberating 
untying the shame, alienation, 
& condemnation of our female fate,
our blamed out in the garden slate,
still inspiring release, anti policing,
acceptance peacing pleasure out
the shackles of joy, a woman's sin
more nerves per inch of sexy skin
telling we ain't askin
professing not confessing
basking at - yo sister-
gotta story to tell
yo sister -
i can help you unwind
your dread free dreds
your done got busy ass bed head -
the tales remain between us
floating in a shame free vortex
swimming in a pond the garden needs
to drink from
to nourish it's soil with
the garden needs to nurse from 
our pride
our fierceness 
drink from our know we good sisterhood
consciously unstained
aren't awaiting a stoning
no we getting stoned
praising loose earth
knowing, honoring,
dirt under nails
makes you
makes me
love of our love
all the love
while knotting further 
the bright yellow 
sunny ecstasy promoting
no bullet no blood dripping out over the vision
version of the head of our smiley faced
sisterhood, yo sister, pass me a knot,
yo sister, pass me a tale ..

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