Thursday, April 23, 2015

ooo I'm allergic to being a dork,
ooo I'm allergic to being a ho,
ooo I'm allergic to the good shit
the bad shit,
especially the extremely bad shit,
awfully rugged, rigid, grating, strafing,
instadeflating shit -
ain't allergic to your mama,
ain't allergic to your mans
i feel blessed and unstressed frolitickin
springs slim pickins ripening on the vine
ain't you i'm allergic to, not a plague
not divine, just a bit of stardust,
which never sucks,
but of stardust, ..
butt of stardust,
ain't allergic never spastic ball not dropping
bounce unstopping, it's little stubby hand
in my hand, no arresting, no extradition,
just like a brand new addition,
my heart, my ass, in hand,
my hand, ooo I'm allergic to trees
yet this makes no sense to me,
makes no sense to me ..

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