Friday, January 31, 2014


Told later I'd been checked into the ER as a young man in distress
Told I seem like my daddy must've fucked me
Told I look like a junkie
Told I am an artist
Told I am sweet in bed
Told the world would never recognise me
Told I'm more gay then straight
Told I'm most definitely straight
Told I seem nervous
Told I was the most brave
Told I'm inspirational cus I'm positive
Told I had to be left, cus I'm so damn negative
Told to do a B
Told to suck a dick
Told to meditate
Told how to navigate the sea by stars
Told I might not be the marrying type
Told there's a rose in my heart
Told to make books
Told back in high school they called me The Shelf
Told I am a voice
Told I am a slut
Told to be quiet
Told my name is baby
Told I wasn't a slut, I was advanced
Told I was gifted with baby birds
Told never to pray for myself
Told there is no god
Told to freeze
Told there's an eagle on my back
Told I was a witch
Told I shine
Told we are for holding
Told my brain waves have a mellow pattern
Told the world is ending
Told we would see each other again
Told not to come
Told my baby would be a thug
Told messes are telling
Told I am a pimp
Told the baby didn't make it
Told to submit my work
Told my eyes are so clear I must never take drugs
Told I must never tell anyone they would never understand
Told I'd probably want more tattoos because my generations fond of pain
Told I must've been mistaken when I named my first cat urethra
Told I'd had orgasms when I had not
Told to smile
Told it would just hurt for a while
Told I was magnificent that one time in the wind
Told I have the most beautiful sobriety
Told to start a revolution