Friday, October 31, 2008

skated up on a great blue heron tonight, neither of us knew what to do next.

Halloween blues

dunked for apples faced
milk dudded
sugar drunk blooded
trick or treat tricked
wax lips kissed
vampire sucked
jack o lantern burned
star bursted
jaw breaker broken
devil horn stabbed
candy corn toothed
grim reaper visited
sugar daddy orphaned
smash pumpkin headed
blue popcorn balled
candy cigarette smoked
candy necklace choked
pop rocked
mini m & m's reduced
ghost sheet shorted
ghost face killa-ed
goblin gooked
mary jane jonsed
full pillow case robbed
smarties retarded
tree limb toilet papered
window soaped
tootsie roll constipated
candy apple wormed
full mooned
skeleton boned
sweet tart soured
100 grand embezzled
witch warted
witch cauldron cooked
charms suckered
almonds joyless,...
not a lady fingered.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

don't bang your head on the stars!

burn, like faggot
fertile, like river banks over flowed
drunk, like butterfly at fermented fig
fertile, like soil topped with ash
loaded, like freight train
shot, like russian roulette loser
urgent, like orgasm
shot, like broken arch
wound, like god's eye
jarred, like peaches
stiff, like over
jarred, like every soldier
high, like wow
cruel, like hope
sure, like now
cruel, like malignant
wet, like inside
dharma, like burn it
known, like biblically
dharma, like virtue
clean, like fashion
fire, like sun god
nipple, like yum
fire, like heart
golden, like dusk
seen, like ant farm
fleeting, like virgin
seen, like vision
smart, like silence.

cobblestone justice



wolves like mice
trouble like the vice principal called her
expired like in the back of the refrigerator
induce like labor
retired like state workers
blow like job
rude like victory
fly like a paper plane
baby like now
sacred like ants
suffer like ho
redundant like revenge
buried like in her chest
born like word
scarred like tattoo
prosper like geese


shawl like original
lie like free
painful like molting
lit like read
die like expulsion
try like migrant
remain like sit
relentless like hunger
smoke like after
super like torture
weird like hamburger
surrender like again
come like dog
vicious like family
layers like pussy
broken like gravel
aloud like this


dangerous like open
closed like dead
empty like full
gift like enclosed
dual like bilingual
i like you
partners like mutual
fall like out of bed
land like mother
grovel like beggar
never like belong
translucent like everyone
here like hand
stray like bullet
return like salmon
spawn like them
retire like pit crew
fast like life


fish like worms
sharp like yucca
yield like to want
fix like the poor
unreliable like angels
breathe like you'll die if you don't
swell like waves
out like penis
fold like poker
neck like swan
bell like invitation
choker like mercy
jewel like teacher
hung like over
padded like paws
data like urine
alive like paris quartered
streets like love.

Monday, October 27, 2008

'i came to get down, i came to get down!'

the wagon wheels of childhood
rumbling in the vagrant belly of her mind.

the foul weather of pneumonia
raining in her only lungs.
the blood purple of sunrise
dawning in her morning temple.
the leather reigns of carriage
warming in her determined grips.
the lukewarm of bath water
turning cold in her hair.
the sagging wrinkle of the aged
catching in her throat.
the black hardness of street
melting in her summers middle.
the eloquent ways of poet words
swelling in her deeper tongue.
the illusion of blue water
dancing on the surface of her sea.
the long walk of the condemned
getting shorter in her rabid need for change.
the saline swelling of surgery
bloating in her under appreciated pitching arm.
the bleached white of long shed antlers
fading anyway from her well tended teeth.
the glue of family mind
sticking in her lovers muscle.
the breath of babies
stinking in her flowers vase.
the long haul of truck
driving in her desire to arrive at home
the woven forms of tree bark
growing in the tree of her contemplation.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pet them, where ever they can be found


on the highway over ramp,
dusk rooting firmly beneath us
obese pick up truck one lane over,
driver with permanent curls,..a tad too tight -
dog with smile radiates out passenger window
same head this hand found, patted earlier at the local,
and or global, pet emporium, found each other again -
pink tongued, naturally curly, pack easy friend.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


truth on night and day

feelings that are mine
feelings that are yours
present and vacant alike
not game
for flags nor blame
the moon beams
the sun shines,
on hike or
those are the turns
when the sun burns
who hollers at the sun
who hollers at the moon
even when flesh blisters
down the street
adobe was formed
clay set
corn grew
laundry dried
time was told
damage maybe done
not the sun
its the one
who went out in
who opened
to weather
exposure is choice
risk taken in hand
not flag poles
not stones
though far it flings,
no no
this good arm
can't reach the sun
when it's blues
the voice sings
no bat no gun
sound and silence
round white moon
against black night sky
all reserved
for whipsers
i saw you
i love you
i went into you
under you
whispers to
with out
umbrella nor sail
from pale
to charcoal
each under the sun
stepped out under
the muscle of risk in hand
holding what we journey to and from
the brave sojourner,
in seek
in retreat
not ground
for sorrows scorn -
from springs grasses
to autumns crispy leaves
matters of nature
matters of chosing
i brought you flesh
upon the legs
of dialated heart.