Saturday, June 24, 2006

ho, mitakuye oyasin - sylvia in the wind, nosferatu in the wings

al-Waleyyu jalla jalaaluh
meaning: THE PROTECTING FRIEND who loves, helps, protects, safeguards, guides, blesses and rewards all righteous servants and becomes a friend of them.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

for two very fine and nice hb's

The Shining, a term which is described with in the book which it's title is given for - i borrowed the term from an event of shining which happened immediately upon the watching of the movie in 1989 and kept alive and healthy since. shining with in the shining - learned one day at my hotel job which has supported the making of digital flave materials as well as my family since 6/97, that stephen king thought up the story of the shining while meandering the semi endless feeling hallways of the hotel boulderado's exiliarly northwing looking for his room one night. envision scenes of the creepy twins in their blue matching creepy outfits in the endless maze of halls with the walls that poured with blood. he wrote parts of the book during his two week stay at the hotel boulderado, and then went and stayed in estes park's stanley hotel where the story, loosely, takes place, where the rest of the book was completed. redrum for life baby~

Thursday, June 01, 2006

from her garden she feeds you and you shall heal

#50 al-Baa-ithu jalla jalaaluh
meaning:the resurrector- who brings the dead to life.